Saturday, November 21, 2015

11/06/2015, West Crater, Mt. Hood

After a long dry Summer, Fall was welcomed with open arms this year.  Last years feeble winter did not fill the snow fix for many, Drew and myself included.  In early November, Mt. Hood got its first significant snow event, and we had to go check things out.  

Mt. Hood, a little rocky but it will do. 

We skinned up to crater rock and looked for something fun to ride.  We found this spine feature and felt obligated to slash it.  Drewsie getting surfy.

Yours truly, throwing snow.

After a spinal pit stop, we continued into the crater.

It was getting warm, the sun was baking on the fresh snow, and the mountain was telling us to leave.  We listened, transitioned quickly, and dropped into the West Crater.

We had an awesome ride down.  Soft, smooth snow, and lots of rocks to dodge.  Another awesome day!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

6/05/2015, Avalanche Glacier Headwall, Mt. Adams

Kelc and I scored perfect conditions on Mt. Adams the week prior, so when Matt asked me if I wanted to head back the following weekend with Joe and himself, I was all about it.  For this day, our objective was the Avy Glacier Headwall.  Mt. Hood was pumping the stoke, in the morning. 

Matt skinning up to the Lunch Counter.

The snow was not as good as the week before with Kelcie but, it was still quality corn.

Matt ripping the headwall.

Another great day.  Thanks, Mt. Adams!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

5/30/2015, SW Chutes, Mt. Adams

By the End of May 2015, after a warm/dry winter, snow was fading quickly in the Oregon Cascades.  In efforts to maximize the remaining snow Kelc and I found ourselves gearing up to climb Mt. Adams on 5/30/15.  We hit the trail early and enjoyed the views. 

Mt. Saint Helen's. 

kelc skinning up to the Lunch Counter.

We got to the top of Pikers around 1:30.  The SW chutes were corning up nicely and before long it was time to rip.  We scored "hero" snow in the chutes, Mt. Adams delivers again! 

Kelc shredding.

After an awesome 3000'+ run we were stoked.   We hiked back to the car and enjoyed a cold beer before heading home.

Thanks, Mt. Adams!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5/25/15, East Ramp, Broken Top

After a fun trip to Mt. McLoughlin with Matt, I was unsure what to do.  He was heading up to South Sister but, I was hoping to ride something new.  Matt and I had been talking about Broken Top the previous day, and I decided I would go check out conditions.  We parted our ways and before long I was watching the sunset, in the Three Sisters Wilderness.   

I got an early start the next morning, aiming for an east facing objective.  Beautiful views in the Oregon Cascades.

I had a sluggish approach but before long was scoping the days objective, the top ramp seen here.

Good views from the top.

Time to shred.

Evidence of boarding.

After a fun run I started the trek home, I even scored some sweat turns on Broken Hand on the way .  Another great day!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

5/24/15, NE Bowl, Mt. McLoughlin

After a poor winter in the Cascades, our snowpack is melting quickly.  Last season I had hoped to shred Mt. Mcloughlin's NE Bowl but, was lazy to make the drive and procrastinated.  This season I was not going to make the same mistake. On May 24th, I met Matt at the trailhead on Saturday night.  We were optimistic of a good corn cycle and got on the trail by 5:45am.

I like signs. 

Southerly aspects had no snow and, we were stoked to see our NE facing objective looking good.

3:45 minutes from the car, we were summit chillin.  Clouds in the valley were making for great views. (Photo: Matt Stouder)

As we prepared to drop, clouds were blowing up the NE bowl and we waited for a moment of clarity before dropping.   Matt waiting his turn.  

After a couple minutes the clouds cleared out and we shredded the bowl.  The snow was good and the slope was fun.  (Photo: Matt Stouder)

Matt shredding, with a giant rock pillar behind.

An all around awesome morning.  A parting shot of Crater lake, seen from Fort Klamath on the drive north.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

5/09/15, Early Morning Couloir, North Sister

After exploring North Sisters East Face on friday, Buell, Drew and I discussed possible objectives for the next day.  The Diller Headwall was ruled out due to a gaping bergschrund, so we decided to head back to North Sister, and check out the "Afternoon Ridge".  

With a North facing objective, we had a leisurely morning leaving the car at 7:30am.  The afternoon ridge is the steep slope, just to the lookers right of the EMC.  

Buell skinning up the NE bowl.

Drew opted out of the Afternoon ridge, and rode some chutes off the Villard Glacier.  Shredder. 

Booting up the Afternoon Ridge, we took our time as the slope was still well frozen.  Reaching the top, we realized our north facing objective would not soften under the early May sunlight.

Our back up option was either the Early Morning Couloir, or the Villard Headwall.  As the EMC had softened from receiving AM sunshine, we decided this would be our decent.  The snow was a little softer than preferred but, with a little sluff management the snow rode well.  

Buell shredding..

I soaked up the view one last time before dropping.  Volcanoes of Santiam Pass. 

After another fun run down the EMC we were hiking back to the car.  North Sister delivers again!

5/08/2015, Thayer, North Sister

After a successful Volcano season last spring, the list of objectives is shorter this year.  On the top of the list is the East face of North Sister, also known as the Thayer.  With a promising weather forecast in early May, Buell and I decided to head out and check the conditions on North Sister.  

Alpine starts aren't so bad… 

Before long we were looking at our objective.  

Conditions looked manageable from a distance.  The snow in the the rocky chute looked crapy but the main face looked smooth.  Our first challenges; bergschrund, 6' runnel, and rockfall.  

We were happy to get through the rocky crux, and reduce our exposure.  Buell climbing.

Looking up the East face.  Unfortunately, snow conditions were not what we had hoped. 

Gaining the ridgeline, the wind was blasting us.  It was obvious that snow conditions in the face/couloir would not cater to a snowboard decent.  We had to come up with a plan B.  We decided to down climb a portion of the West face,  and traverse around the south side of the mountain, to the SE ridge.

After a short detour, we had climbed partway down the SE ridge, and out of the blasting wind.  The snow in these lower chutes was corning up nicely.  We rode the cutes in the center of the frame.  

After an interesting day exploring in the mountains, we were happy to be off the steep slopes and safely harvesting low angle corn.  Another great day in the mountains.