Sunday, June 26, 2016

6/19/2016, Mt. Adams, SW Chutes

In mid June, a cold front passed through the Cascades, bringing freezing levels down to 6000 - 7000'.  Normally this time of year, I write-off powder, because I consider the likelihood of getting good snow just as likely as finding dangerous transitional conditions.  On 6/19/2016, it appeared there would be a brief opportunity to find winter snow before temperatures heated up.  With the Drew, Stratton, and Juan as the crew, we got an alpine start and climbed Mt. Adams under the moonlight. 

Full moon hikes are my favorite.  What a beautiful morning.  The boys...

By sunrise we were nearing Pikers Peak.  Colorful sunrise, Mt. Hood, the Mountain Shadow.

We reached the summit by 7am.  Summit pano to the North.

The snow was looking good.  Wintery pow.  We waited for our SW facing run to get early sunlight, and dropped around 8am.  Stratton slashing a winter wave at 11,600'.

Getting onto our slope, we were stoking….
Drew shredding.

Strat with the toeside rooster tail.

Drew throwing buckets.

And in the whiteroom…

Our tracks, faintly seen from a distance. Wow, what a great day.  Easily the best day of June snowboarding I have ever had.  What a awesome experience. Yeeeee…

Friday, June 24, 2016

6/13/2016, Mt. Scott

After a long day on Southy, Stratton and I wanted to take advantage of a touring opportunity the next day.  Stratton had recently shredded Mt. Scott, but not having been there for a couple years it was high on my list of objectives, and convinced him to go back for a repeat.  The weather looked good in Southern Oregon, so we gave er' a go.  We wanted to shred the North Bowl, and then exit via the NE Bowl.  We took an alternative approach to the Mountain, and hiked our way through the mosquitos.  

Stratpack on the morning commute. 

It is a relatively straight forward mountain, and before long we were soaking in the views.  Mt. McLoughlin and Southern Oregon looking good.

And the main attraction…..

Strat dropping the North Bowl.

After a fun ride down the North Bowl, we climbed back to the top, said 'Bon Voyage' to the lake, and dropped the NE Bowl.  Another great day.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

6/12/2016, South Sister

 On TFJ, Strat and I were brainstorming objectives for the upcoming high pressure and corn cycle.  Strat had some lines he wanted to check out on the westside of South Sister and we decided to give it a go.  We climbed Southy, dropped the westside chutes, reclimbed, and then dropped the south side.  It was a great day climbing and riding 7500'.

Summit chillin, round 1.

Shred-master, engage. 

Westside chute'rs.  The entrance was spicy but we worked it.

Glacier turns lower down.

After a sluggish second climb, we were back on the top soaking in the views.  Pano to the south.

Strat schralping some evening corn.  Fun day. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6/09/2016, Three Finger Jack

Looking to get out on Thursday, 6/09, Stratton and I were scheming objectives and with low freezing levels we decided to check out TFJ.  

Stratpack on hike in.  Gotta love that view.

Our objectives chutes were melted out, who would of guessed it with the spring we've been having…
So we improvised and grabbed 3 other smaller chutes.  First up…

Strat on the pond skim.

We climbed back up and snagged this "S" chuter on a prominent buttress above the meadow.  Stratton schralping…

Stoked to finally ride this run.

After that we hiked up for one more that Strat had scoped on the hike in.  A great day goofing around on a smaller volcano.

5/29 - 5/30/2016, South Sister & Middle Sister

This spring has been a mixed bag for me in terms of splitboarding.  I have had free time to travel and climb as much as I'd like, but I have been going through a personal transition and have been subject to my emotions as anyone would be.  The personal transition coupled with less than ideal spring conditions has left me with wavering motivation.  An optimistic weather forecast invited Buell and I into the Sisters for the last weekend in May.  We were hoping to check out a new line on the north side of South Sister, and see how Middle sister was shaping up.    

Waking up in the mountains we did not have to get up with the usual alpine start.  Buell on the morning  commute...

Its always fun to explore a new area.  Buell climbing a glacier on Southy.

Our goal was to do a double summit day, riding two lines.  Run #1, was this classic.

After riding the run, we climbed back up to the summit.  At this time winds were blasting the summit, and our objective second run.  We decided today was not the day to ride the new line, as the weather and our tired bodies were working against us.  Save it for another day.  We ended up riding the same run twice, but the second time we got to ride all the way down to camp scoring a 3300' fall line run.

Glacier turns….

And surfy gully turns...

Then we enjoyed a cozy afternoon drinking whiskey at camp.  Or, at least I enjoyed the whiskey ; )

In the AM we got up and headed out towards Middle Sister.  Our goal was the Diller headwall but we were concerned about the bergschrund.  Upon scoping it on the climb up, we were unsure what we wanted to do but ultimately dropped the line and navigated the schrund slowly at the bottom.

Morning commute.

Summit view.  Ain't she pretty.

Buell dropping, the snow was great for the upper 3/4th of the line enticing us down.

Schrund navigation.  We crossed via the snow bridge on the lookers right.

Cruisey glory turns on the rest of the Diller Glacier.

Fun weekend.

Friday, June 10, 2016

5/18/2016, Mt. McLoughlin

After riding Diamond, I met with Destry on the road back to Oakridge. Our plan was to head to McLoughlin.  We headed south and got ready for the shred.  In the morning, we got up early bushwhacked our way up to the snow and climbed to the summit.  We dropped the NE bowl but found the snow overly soft and unstable.  We climbed back up to the top and dropped the west.  Fun day, riding a new run.

Destry going up…

View south: Brown Mountain, Mt. Shasta, and Fish Lake.

Summit shot.  TREVOR FOREVER

Destry, throwing buckets…

Getting ready to shwack after a long day.
Me: "Do something cool"
Destry: "Huh?"

Fun day. 

5/17/2016, Diamond Peak

Destry wanted to shred Diamond Peak, and I was game.  We were supposed to meet at the trailhead the night before but, when I showed up late at 11:30pm he was nowhere to be seen.  I woke up at 5 and he still wasn't there, so I sent solo.  Hike threw the old growth was beautiful. 

2 hours and 45 minutes to the summit.  Pretty fast…  The view south.

Creamy corn in the SE bowl.

Back to the summit before dropping the SW bowl.  View north.

Fun Day!